daveta080112_201.jpg  Here is the story of how my blog got this name:

One of my first memories of New York City is getting up really early one morning to go be an extra for the worst indie movie of all time.  At the time I lived in the back of a hair salon on 45th& 8th.  That’s right a hair salon, the cool spinning chair, the big alien looking blow drier that comes over your head.  As I walked through Time’s Square at 5 a.m. – I realized THIS was the worst time to be out.  Because every body around me were not early risers,  they were still up from the night before. 

 As I walked along, so hopeful in my New Life in the City.  My hair freshly groomed with products stolen from my apartment/hair salon. I was in that total hat-throwing-I’m-gonna-make-it-after-all moment when from behind me I heard low faint chants.

‘white girl with a fat ass, white girl with a fat ass, white girl with a FAT ass’ 

What can only be described as a your classic 80’s movie drunken homeless wino, was following me chanting.  And as I walked faster, hoping to God he wasn’t following me, my hurried movement only emphasized the jiggling momentum of said ASS and his chant reached a fevered pitch.

‘WHITE GIRL with a fat ass WHITE girl with a FAT ASS white girl WITH a FaaaTTTT ASSSSSSSS’

And no matter how fast I hauled my now infamous ass, I could not escape those words. I have continued to run but those words have followed me. 

I should write something profound now.  But that’s the story.  Read the blog for hidden profoundinesses.


Barthon T. says:

I hope you understand that “white girl with a fat ass” is a compliment. See, the thing is, most white girls have flat, shapeless, rears, whether skinny or plump, still shapeless, dry, and unappealing. Telling a white girl that she has a fat ass is akin to giving her the respect worthy of a woman with a notable and appealing shape. I understand that most white men want flat butts, big boobs, and blond hair, but truly, that is gross!

Barthon’s right on the money. Your ass got attention because it was attractive. Whether Ned the Wino or Ludacris recognizes it, beauty is beauty. I hope you are happy with your ass.

Your face is quite attractive as well…you have it coming and going I guess 😀

jellykean says:

Believe me, as a girl with a Brooklyn Ass I’ve gotten that compliment and even appreciated the attention.

This was different. But yes, I am also growing to appreciate being a WGWaFA. Esp. since apparently I’ve got it coming and going 🙂

Marc Lieberman says:

Hey jellykean,

I think you’re beautiful and awesome (and believe me, people, this girl can write too!!! I’ve read some of her stuff…) and I most definitely support this and you.


waltsense says:

that is hysterical! great story. Most men agree you need a little cushing for the pushing.

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