{January 31, 2012}   INTERSECTION is here!

The new original web series INTERSECTION that I worked on as a screenwriter had its premier last night at Tribeca Cinemas in NYC.  It was a great experience to be packed into a theater with all the amazing directors, actors, producers, writers, crew members and musicians who contributed to the project.  One of my favorite moments of the night was when my friend leaned over to me and whispered, “Did you write the vaginas are gross line…”  Yes, yes I did.  Out of context, that sounds bad so you’ll just have to WATCH to put it into context.  😉

“Intersection” will have a two-part premiere online, starting TONIGHT at 7pm, Tuesday, January 31st, followed by Episode 2 at 7pm on Wednesday, February 1st at: www.intersectionseries.com

LIKE our Facebook page to get updates on when new episodes are posted and to join in on discussions about the series with the cast and crew: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Myriad-Arts-Productions/230400473648705


Ever wonder what the heck the clicking numbers in Union Square mean?  Well my new friend Lloyd that I met last night explains it all!

I may have been a tad inebriated at the time but I had a blast listening to Lloyd’s  “You can’t see the Forest, you can only see the trees!”  speech.

This Webisode Wed was a write-in suggestion from a friend I met on an online date.  Proving that online dating can be good for something.   It’s called “Yacht Rock”, and it chronicles the (fictionally) tumultuous friendship between Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins.  Sometimes the guys from Toto, Steely Dan as well as luminaries Steve Perry, Christopher Cross and Michael Jackson show up.  And Hall and Oates are the villains.

In his words:

If you need more than that to give it a chance, than I have already failed.

Thank you so much to everyone for all the loving responses to my last post. I am so proud of WGWaFA and all the people it has connected me to over the years.  Please CLICK HERE to donate to Feeding America through my charity badge and help provide a better tomorrow to the 1 in 8 Americans facing hunger.

Virginia Gal has been requesting to see my new spring clothes, that I bought in an effort to no longer put off happiness until I get down to a more desirable size.  I’m not one to throw myself in front of the camera willingly.  However, my family recently came to visit Easter weekend and it gave me the occasion to wear some of my new clothes.

Here I am coming out of the pay-o-potty located next to Madison Square park.  If you look closely, the woman on my new shirt is wearing the same white sunglass I am! Classy.

In the sculpture garden at MoMA, I am sporting my new green skirt, floral top, and baby niece Rose. 🙂

In my new ‘boating sweater’ and cute sailor hat, Rose and I are on a Muthaf*****n Boat!

I hope you enjoyed my spring fashion show.  Recently, I was  invited to become a Blogger Against Hunger with the World Food Programme.  Bloggers Against Hunger use their way with words to raise awareness and funds for the one billion people worldwide who go to bed hungry every night.   On this Webisode Wed I would like to share with you a video that shows why women are the secret weapon against hunger.  Please watch and share.

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