{August 17, 2011}   Gotta love a Quiz!

White Girl With a Fat Ass Quiz – How well do you know this FA?

1. What was the name of the Superhero in WGWaFA Productions play  “All I Want is One More Meanwhile” which was part the Brick’s Comic Book Theater Festival this summer?

A. Tremenda

B. Perfectra

C. Amazeneata

D. Kate

2. Whose star’s Ass does WGWaFA’s Ass chat with on occasion about life and love or lack there of?

A. Tiffany Amber Thiessen

B. Sarah Michelle Gellar

C. Sarah Jessica Parker

D. Jennifer Love Hewitt

3. What what the last thing WGWaFA ate before her recent Food Poisoning misadventure?

A. Almond Butter

B. Bananas

C. Chicken

D. Danish

Did you take the WGWaFA quiz? Awesome, post your answers below and there may be a prize! You obviously have time on your hands so please take a moment for this Quiz that will help Feeding America Ship Fresh Fruits & Vegetables to hungry Americans.

Feeding America has created a 10 question quiz about fresh fruits and vegetables. For every question you get right, Kraft Foods Foundation will donate $1 to Feeding America. Each dollar helps ship 10 pounds of fruits and vegetables to feed hungry families.

Take the quiz now & help ship these fresh foods to families across the country.

Every question you get right helps pay for the shipping & transportation costs that get the food from farm to table.

P.S. Once you take the quiz, forward this on to your family & friends — tell them they can help get 100 lbs of food to hungry Americans.   Or, CLICK HERE to Donate directly to Feeding America through my charity badge.


{May 11, 2011}   We’ve gone 2-D!

Our show ALL I WANT IS ONE MORE MEANWHILE…. is officially on the grid.  CLICK HERE to read a write-up on the show and for more information on how you can get tickets.

Our fabulous artist Michael Newman has started producing 2-D comic props for the show – here is a peek of a 2-D newspaper depicting our lead character’s daughter Adara being kidnapped by the crazed canine-controlling criminal Canius!

My family in particular will enjoy this one.  Isn’t that wicked awesome? And doesn’t it make you curious to come see the show?  Good thing you can CLICK HERE to buy tickets!

And in the spirit of WGWaFA’s mission to fight hunger – here is a way for you to be a Superhero in your own community.  This Saturday, May 14th 2011  is the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

What can you do to help?

  1. place non-perishable items in a bag
  2. leave at your mailbox on Sat, May 14th
  3. your letter carrier will pick up and deliver to local food banks or pantries

Click HERE to learn more.  And  LIKE STAMP OUT HUNGER on Facebook

{December 10, 2010}   THANK YOU!!

Thank you to everyone who came to Boston Market Christmas last night, we raised over $100 for City Harvest. If you couldn’t come and would still like to help New Yorkers in need this holiday season, click here to donate directly through my charity badge: http://www.networkforgood.org/pca/Badge.aspx?BadgeId=107977

A quick WGWaFA trivia game!

1. What doesn’t WGWaFA know how to do?

a. clean, load and shoot a 357 magnum

b. ride a bike

c. drive a car

d. all of the above

2.  What did a kind stranger give WGWaFA on the street to cheer her up when she was crying?

a. pony

b. 3 magical wishes

c.  snickers bar

d. napkin

3.  What fictitious creature does WGWaFA hate?

a. unicorns

b. dragons

c. jackalopes

d. none of the above

Want the answers?? Click here to donate to Feeding America through my Charity Badge and you can have them.   No funds to donate but still want to help?  Play Feeding America’s new online trivia game and $1 of fresh food will be donated for every right answer!

Play our online trivia game to feed hungry families

Feeding America wants to give you a fun and unique opportunity to help men, women and children facing hunger.

Play our online trivia game, and for every question you answer correctly, Kraft Foods Foundation will donate $1 worth of fresh food to someone who desperately needs it.

There are 50 questions, which means you could help provide up to $50 worth of fresh food to families in desperate need at no cost to you!

When millions of Americans are going hungry, there’s no reason why good food should go to waste. Take our quiz to help your neighbors facing hunger.

et cetera