{January 8, 2010}   Improvolutions

Are you like me and a little behind in your New Year Resolutions, check out this podcast


Where  (Former Phat Fcuk teammate) Justin and Liz,  are joined by Phil Wells to explore improv, new year resolutions and partying in the USA.

I love the idea of using the tenants of Improv to inform your resolutions and wanted to share!

Yes, and
Follow the fear
Make your partner look good
Connect with your partner
Call back a scene/idea
Play at the height of your intelligence
Start with an emotion
Start with a physical action
Make a choice and commit to it
Explore and heighten
Have fun
Be open to what you’re receiving from your partner
Be awesome
Be specific
Add details
Commit to the unknown
Start in the middle of the scene
Avoid pre-planning

using these – what would you come up with??


{September 10, 2008}   famous Former Phat Fcuk

My teammate and fellow cast member of the Peoples Improv Theater’s weight loss competition Former Phat Fcuk Justin Zell is a finalist to appear on MAD MEN.   You may remember JZ’s  5-point plan for weight loss.  With the stress of the move I have been eating like crap and not exercising at all and I’m worried my weight lost during FPF so now is a good time to review the plan.

#1 – Stop Eating at 7pm each evening.  (the #1 hardest thing for this WGWaFA but worked the most!)

#2 – Get plenty of sleep. Bedtime is 10 pm whenever possible. There’s nothing that can’t be Tivo-ed or replied to in the morning. 

#3 – 8-10 glasses of Water each day.  (Hey since I moved I no longer have to walk down the hall to pee!! Bring it on)

#4 – Eat with ease. Smaller portions. Graze instead of stuffing.

#5 – One hour of walking/jogging each week increasing by one hour/day for each month up to 6 days/hours a week. So, 1 hour/day for Sept, 2 hours/days for Oct, etc.

Check out this message from Justin and VOTE!   Dude he’s in DRAG it’s worth watching!!

Nope.  Not for President.  But for a silly contest that I could win!
As you may know, I have been selected as one of 18 finalists in the
“”You can be on Mad Men” contest.  So now your votes count more than
ever!  Please vote as often as you can (from different
computers/internet connections).  Remember you don’t need to register
to vote (only to comment).  Simply click on the link below.  And then
click on the link the phrase “VOTE FOR THIS.”   Voting ends Sept 14th!

Justin Zell in “Joan Holloway explains it all”


Please feel free to pass this along to any one you know.  Thank you all so much. 



Last night was one of the weirdest hours of my life.  The cast members were all dehydrated and crazed from hunger.  The theater was so hot, I wish we could have weighed in after the show because I swear I sweated off 2lbs. 

The results show was proclaimed to be a battle between Good, Evil, and More Evil. With myself, Ali – who two months ago had fallen to fourth place, but after doing a Master Cleanse eating no solid food since Saturday, a seaweed wrap, and yes, a colonic – was visibly gunning for first.  Steve, in first place last time, clutched two bottles of juice ready to rehydrate himself the second after the weigh-in.  I forget who exactly was the Evil or More Evil between Steve and Ali.  I was a bit loopy at this point myself.  But my Mother will be happy to know that I was the Good. 

In this battle, both Evil and More Evil kicked Good’s Fat Ass.  I fell short of my goal of 30lbs lost and came in at 28lbs lost.  Which is 13.9% of my body weight lost.  Steve came in at 33 lbs lost which was around 15%.  And Ali, I don’t know it all got hazy… Ali just lost a fcuking lot of weight and blew us both out of the water.

I place 3rd.  The PIT granted me $100 which I am donating to Bare Ass 2008! Bringing the total to $1855.   28lbs lost.  $1855 raised.  just short of my goals.  I have mixed feelings about this.  And to be honest I’m trepedatious about moving forward now that I don’t have to weigh-in on stage for the world to see.  I got to work early today, and have been sitting here for almost an hour completely landlocked about what to do for breakfast.  I can eat whatever I want now.  But should I?

Last night, we had pizza delivered to the theater during the show.  Besides the fact that it was so hot in the theater, and the thought of eating on stage made me feel like a zoo animal, for the first time I just didn’t want it.  And I walked away.  I don’t think any of this is leading up to a ‘end of Full House’ phrased lesson but I felt the need to note it.

So to celebrate my new weight, I am going to revisit my very first post where I compared my weight to something really obscure.   At 194lbs I was excited to have dropped from Super Heavy to Heavy in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournaments standards. At 172lbs, I am now LIGHT Heavy.  Half glass full focus on the word Light, half glass empty on the word Heavy.   And there it is.


 Rooster  Up to 116 lbs.
 Super Feather  116.1 – 127 lbs.
 Feather  127.1 – 141 lbs.
 Light  141.1 – 154 lbs.
 Middle  154.1 – 167 lbs.
 Light Heavy  167.1 – 181 lbs.
 Heavy  181.1 – 194 lbs.
 Super Heavy  194.1 – 208 lbs.
 Unlimited  208.1 lbs. & Over


I am also still taking pity/celebratory donations for Bare Ass 2008! depending on how you look at your glass.   CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

And thank you to The Peoples Improv Theater for a unique experience and for your donation which equals 1,600 meals for those in need.

{August 7, 2008}   Not Crazy Girl on Toilet

3 hours until the final weigh-in at the Peoples Improv Theater and $1745 raised for America’s Second Harvest.  DONATE NOW and help me reach my goal of $2000 raised before I step on the scale in front of a live audience.  Time is running out!! If you have ever thought about donating but have put it off CLICK HERE

Bare Ass 2008! aside, the competition is gearing up.  Due to the 4th of July there was no July weigh-in. So with no clue where many cast members stand, it is anyone’s game.  I even heard one of the cast members is going to such lengths as hitting the sauna, getting a seaweed wrap.  And even a colonic!  I’m hoping that last one is just an urban Facebook myth. 

Always one to go to the negative.  I am now kicking myself for not getting more serious earlier in the competition.  For enjoying one too many comp’d meals and drinks on my recent business trip to Seattle. Dare say, for not scheduling a colonic! My goal was to break into the 60’s by reaching 31 lbs lost.  But I don’t know if I have made it.  Just like I am shy of my fund raising goal of $2000 raised for America’s Second Harvest.

My friend and recent Bare Ass 2008! supporter Carmelita disputed this negativity with one pricelessly simple instant message:

"its not over yet so don't give up and anyway if 
you lose weight you still winner and you make money for 
charity and you not crazy girl on toilet"

I will take the time now to acknowledge that one way or another, I am a winner.  Because I know that regardless of that knowledge I might be too frakking pissed off later to illuminate this silver lining.

Is it 8:00 yet?

et cetera