Thank you again to all the followers of White Girl with a Fat Ass who helped me raise $6370 to fight hunger in America since WGWaFA began!

I know I “ended” the blogging on my birthday this year with my Mark Fisher Fitness Birthday Glory challenge and many of you have contacted me to say that you miss WGWaFA.  She’s still here! In fact, please take a moment to check out my latest adventure:

NO, YOU TELL IT! is  a new switched-up storytelling series I’ve been producing in NYC.  Each NYTI performer writes a true life tale and then trades with a partner to present their story.

website: http://noyoutellit.com/

email: noyoutellit@gmail.com

twitter: @noyoutellit 

More pictures and audio from our recent show are up on the site!  As you can imagine working full-time, studying to get my MFA, and producing a storytelling show keeps me pretty busy – but rest assured, much like my Fat Ass, this White Girl will never truly leave you.



{April 30, 2012}   I Want to Go to Fat Camp!

When I was a kid I was bizarrely fixated on the small black & white ads in the back of teen magazines like JANE or SASSY for these weight-loss summer camps. I would circle them in red pen (because red is serious) and daydream about going away to a magical place that would ‘fix me’ and send me back perfectly thin.

I never got to go to one of those camps, but I did recently get the chance to see the wonderful new musical FAT CAMP and my inner chubby teen totally wants to be BFFs forever with the show’s heroine, Taylor. A curvy girl who slaved away at Starbucks saving up her money to go to Camp Overton – a weight loss haven for hefty teens. When I first heard of Fat Camp I was wary. Was it going to be a bunch of crass fat jokes set to music? Would the conceit of overweight teenagers battling over contraband candy be enough to sustain an entire play? The answer is – no it isn’t. Thankfully FAT CAMP is about so much more than fat jokes and sugar withdrawal.

Fat Camp is about insecurity &self-image, it’s about first love, sibling rivalry, choosing sides, regret, manipulation, humiliation, unexpected friendships, broken promises, where do you put your nose when you kiss? And all the very many things that make being a teenager (FAT or THIN) royally suck. Oh, and all of this is set to really funny songs sung powerfully by a very talented cast. A cast so comfortable in their own bodies they continuously WOW’d me with their grace and incredible dexterity throughout this energetic show, which never stops to take a breath.

It may not come as a big surprise that my favorite song was “The Butt Song” where the two leading ladies sooth their own insecurities by reassuring themselves that

Her Butt Is Totally Way Bigger Than Mine

And this isn’t just because I had to fight the urge to stand up and shout, “OMG, I SO DO THAT”

Overall, the strong friendship between the Taylor (self-selected camper) and Daphne (self-proclaimed sex goddess) was my favorite part of the show. Who would have ever thought a positive female friendship and sexually confident women would be at the heart of a show with FAT in the title?

I was impressed many of the cast members have been with Fat Camp since it was part of the 2009 New York Musical Theatre Festival, where it was awarded best in fest.  If you think losing weight in this eating and drinking city of NYC is hard, try mounting an original musical! I hope you’ll check out this calorierrific production.

Fat Camp is playing at the American Theatre of Actors located at 314 W. 54th Street and tickets are available at FatCampMusical.com.

The response to my previous post has been amazing.  Thank you so much to everyone for your kind words, inspiration and generous donation to Feeding America! I am $560 away from my goal!! CLICK HERE to keep it going by helping Feeding America to feed 37 million Americans each year — delivering over 3 billion pounds of food.

Like George Bailey I am certainly rich in love and I didn’t even have to go on a bender or fish an angel out of the icy water to be reminded of that.

One thing I am particularly thankful for is having been part of the web series INTERSECTION.  Over the last few years, I have met an amazing group of writers, actors and directors working as one of three co-writers on this epic production.  12 episodes are up on the site and the finale premiers tonight April 25th at 8pm EDT/5pm PDT.  CLICK HERE to get fully up to speed on the lives of Darlene, Lynda, Hal, Karen, Jeff, Cindy, Iris.

You can also check out Q&A’s on the MYRIAD ARTS FACEBOOK PAGE.   I had the honor of putting in a lot of work on the Karen storyline in this series, brought to life by the fabulous Merritt Minnemeyer.  A lot of people rightfully called me out for the frustration I voiced in my previous post and it was a nice reminder to take a moment to be grateful for all the things I have accomplished.  I am proud to have worked on this series, so thankful for all the people and new friendships, like Merritt, it brought into my life and I hope you will take a moment to check it out.  🙂

{April 8, 2012}   Holy Happy!

Happy holiday weekend! However you choose to celebrate.

A personal esssay of mine that I’m particularly proud of, “Eye Strengthening and Other Holy Topics” just came out in Issue 5 of The Serving House Journal.



Here’s my fav non-diet Easter tip:  I like to pop my chocolate bunny’s head off and fill his hollow bunny body with peanut butter.  Just like Jesus…

And here’s my fav quote on this Easter pratice stolen from my friend Adam:  “You got your holy spirit in my mortal shell — and it’s delicious!”

et cetera