{May 25, 2012}   Thank you!

Thank you to everyone for making White Girl with a Fat Ass such an amazing experience!

On May 23rd, my birthday, in an incredible show of generosity I surpassed by birthday challenge by $370 as my virtual food drive for Feeding America reached a total of $1790 raised.  That will help Feeding America provide 12, 530 meals for those in need.

As promised – as part of my birthday challenge – I went to Mark Fisher Fitness and took a photo next to my Wall of Glory before &after photo with Mr. Fisher himself.

White Girl with a Fat Ass was started with a mission to raise money and awareness for the fight against hunger while I worked on my own personal weight and body issues.  Since then, the site has raised a grand total of $6370 towards fighting hunger and I have found my glory!  Thank you so much for everyone who has read, cheered, donated and passed on WGWaFA to friends and family.

The fight is never truly over but I can certainly say that this experience has forever changed me in wonderful and amazing ways.   And it’s never too late to make a donation – CLICK HERE to donate to my virtual food drive and help the 1 in 6 Americans struggling with hunger.


{May 23, 2012}   Star Date 47988!

I woke up on my birthday to watch the last espisode of Star Trek: TNG, because the last episode aired on my birthday and now it’s the first thing I do every year on my birthday…. and was amazed by the birthday donations to my virtual food drive for Feeding America!  What a fabulous birthday surprise.

To date WGWaFA has now raised $6235 to fight hunger in America!  Amazingly surpassing my original birthday goal of $1523.

In honor of my birthday, and to help the 1 in 6 Americans struggling with hunger in our country and my strange fascination with the number 23, I have raised the goal of my virtual food drive to $2300!  Please click here to make a BIRTHDAY DONATION and keep it going!  Every one dollar you donate provides 7 meals to those in need.

Thank you for all of the birthday messages and well wishes.  I am amazed by your love and generosity.

{May 23, 2012}   Best Fat Ass Birthday!

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of White Girl with a Fat Ass!  Together we have all raised $6035 to fight hunger in America!! And it seemed fitting that Virginia Gal would be the one to kick it over the $6000 mark! Thank you lady, you are and always have been such a special friend.

My original birthday goal when I first started WGWaFA was $1523, and it’s taken a little extra time, but I’m so thankful to all of you who helped me blow that – and many other goals – out of the water. In honor of my birthday today, I’ve raised my goal amount on my virtual food drive for Feeding America to $1523.

Help me celebrate my birthday today by giving me the best gift ever – CLICK HERE to make a donation to Feeding America and every dollar you give will help provide SEVEN meals to people served by the Feeding America network.

What’s next for WGWaFA?  Will she finally learn how to use the tweeter to fill the blog void? Write a fat ass book?  Will she get a fat unicorn tatoo?  Who knows?  But since today is her birthday, odds are she is watching the last episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (a birthday tradition) and pondering… pondering….

{May 15, 2012}   All Good Things…

My birthday is May 23rd and I am a little over $300 away from reaching my birthday goal for my virtual food drive! Please CLICK HERE to donate to help Feeding America and the 1 in 6 Americans struggling with hunger in this country – what an amazing birthday gift!

My site White Girl with a Fat Ass was created with a mission to fight hunger in America.  If I reach my birthday goal, the site will have raised a grand total of $6000!  A huge thank you to everyone who has supported me in this amazing journey, which has included so many wonderful ups and downs,

All good things must end and WGWaFA will be ending this year on my birthday.  But, don’t worry, this fat ass will never end! (wait…)

I am focusing my energies on my writing and new projects like the switched-up storytelling show I recently produced,

No, YOU Tell It! and as always, I will continue to find creative ways to incorporate the fight to end hunger into these new adventures including more direct volunteer work with Feeding America and City Harvest.

Please donate to my virtual food drive to help me reach my birthday goal and pass this message along to friends and family.

et cetera