Thank you to everyone who donated to Feeding America in support of our show:

All I Want is One More Meanwhile

*Artwork by Michael Newman

You are all my real-life Superheroes!  During the festival, we raised $230 for Feeding America.  That equals 1610 meals for the 1 in 6 Americans who struggle every day with hunger.  This brings White Girl With a Fat Ass to an all-time high of $4555 raised!!  Please CLICK HERE to donate and keep it going!

It all started with a fat ass and a dream.   Where do we go from here?  Stay tuned….


{June 29, 2011}   But before we end this…

The Brick’s Comic Book Theater Festival is over this Friday, July 1st.  But there’s still a chance to see some great shows.  I will be attending Bubble of Solace tomorrow night, 6/30 @7pm!  Get your tickets on-line before it sells out.

Until the Festival closes, WGWaFA will MATCH  any donation made to Feeding America on this site.

So CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW and every dollar will now help provide 14 MEALS to the men, women and children facing hunger in our country. 

Here are 10 of my top highlights from being a part of this amazing creative event:

  1. My niece Rose now has a crush on Diego from Dora, and Jorge aka Betzler the  former evil teen genius trapped inside the body of a dog.  I think she likes Latin men.
  2. A smarter person would have come up with a costume design for her Superhero and THEN had the comic artist base his drawing on that – instead of the other way around.
  3. Everyone agrees –  Mel&El’s kick-ass song “Perfectra” sticks in your head for DAYS! If you saw the show, and loved the song Check out their next live show on July 7th!
  4. If you ever have the chance, I highly recommend riding home on the subway drunk with a 6 foot cut-out of a scantily clad female Superhero.  Good times.
  5. Totally geeking out upon discovering that FunnyBook/Tragicbook writer  Adam McGovern (click here to read why he commands you to see Bubble of Solace) gave the interview with author Glen David Gold that appears in the back of my copy of Sunnyside!
  6. Appearing in MTV GEEK is as close to MTV-cool as I’m ever going to get.
  7. Jillian Tully the writer of “Five Things”  definitely brought Whimsy to the Comic Book Theater Festival, as she stated in the interview, but I still think the on-line dating scenes in the show were dead-on realistic.  Not that I would know…
  8. Never step on Superman’s cape, and never write a play where your main character exits one scene in plain clothes and then immediately re-enters the next in full Superhero get-up.  Can I get a whoops?
  9. Nothing beats a Queens discount store when you need to whip up a $35 Transconductinator in under 24 hours.
  10. I’m not perfect.  Or Perfectra.  But I have a lot of good friends who’ve got my back. They are my secret superpower (wait, did that line ever actually get said on stage?)

Thank you to everyone who donated to Feeding America in support of our show.  Please be a real Superhero and CLICK HERE to make a donation and White Girl With a Fat Ass will MATCH your donation dollar for dollar.

{June 14, 2011}   Super Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported ALL I WANT IS ONE MORE MEANWHILE… this weekend.   If you liked the show, or if you are sad you missed it – here is a great way that you can be a real Superhero.

White Girl with a Fat Ass Productions is donating $1 to Feeding America for every person who makes a donation to the organization  during the Brick’s  Comic Book Theater Festival which is running until July 1st.  So CLICK HERE to DONATE NOW!

Check out a write-up on our show that was posted by Amanda LaPergola on The Mary Sue

All I Want Is One More Meanwhile
Written by Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons
Directed by Ivanna Cullinan

Meanwhile, at the same theater later that evening, another show written and directed by women kicked just as much ass while covering broader subject matter.

Perfectra (Elizabeth A. Bell) was engineered to be the ideal woman (and her creator’s prom date). She escaped her Pygmalion and took up a life of crime-fighting…until unforeseen circumstances pushed Perfectra into choosing a civilian life. Twenty years later, Perfectra (now “Jane”) is yearning for the days when she could still fit into her thigh-high boots and waiting for her work-a-holic daughter, Adara (Megan McGowan) to return her calls. Meanwhile, a new super villain (Aaron Simms) and new superhero (Ryan Castro) have emerged on the scene. Who are these men? Why is one targetting Adara? How does the other always manage to save her? And why hasn’t Adara called her mother, for Christ’s sake?

One More Meanwhile could easily translate into a great comic book. The heroines are complex enough to be engaging, but their flaws do not overwhelm their characters. Jane is vain, but certainly not shallow. Adara is strong-willed without being obnoxious. Author Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons clearly has much affection for her characters as well as a keen eye for the superhero genre. She does a slick job exploring well-known superhero tropes and subverting them. Old nemeses can become comfortable friends, the athletic alpha-male might sometimes need rescuing, and even the damsel in distress love interest is not what she seems.

What I like most about this play is the sly way in which it challenges cultural concepts of modern femininity. Sometimes it seems like the whole world wants women to just be perfect, but what does that mean? What are the costs of that perfection? One More Meanwhile has the stones to ask those questions and I freaking love it for that.


Thank you to everyone who came to see ALL I WANT IS ONE MORE MEANWHILE…. at the Brick’s Comic Book Theater Festival this weekend!  We had two shows, two great houses, and due to one minor malfunction – two Transconductinators!   Check out what  UNVEILED ARTS has to say about the show:

Postmodern and meta superhero stories like Watchmen or The Incredibles have supplanted old comic book warhorses like Superman and Batman. The latest postmodern superhero story to enter the fray is All I Want is One More Meanwhile, a play staged at the Brick’s Comic Book Festival. After giving up her superpowers to become a mother, Jane (aka Perfectra) finds herself in a sticky situation. Her estranged daughter is engaged to a local superhero, and has been kidnapped by a super-villain. Now that she’s left her crime-fighting days behind her, Perfectra/Jane doesn’t want to see her daughter suffer the life of a superhero, so she swings back into action. Written by Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons (who actively donates a portion of the proceeds from her plays to causes that assist the hungry), this quirky drama will bring another fresh approach to the burgeoning postmodern superhero trade.

— Brett Ackerm

If you enjoyed our super-show, please be a real Superhero and  CLICK HERE to make a donation to Feeding America.  Every dollar you donate to Feeding America helps provide 7 meals to men, women and children facing hunger in our country.    AND, are you ready for this??  White Girl with a Fat Ass Productions will donate  $1 for every person who makes a donation to Feeding America on this site  during The Comic Book Theater Festival.  

If you haven’t checked out our show yet, you have two more chances.  This Thursday 6/9 @ 7 pm  and this Saturday 6/11 @ 7pm.  Click here to get your tickets on-line now while they are still available!

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